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Electrical Heating in Rochdale & Middleton

Livewire's supplies and installs electrical heating systems at a very reasonable rate in Rochdale, Middleton and throughout the surrounding areas. All of our electrical services are carried out according to the highest standards of health and safety, for your peace of mind.


What’s more, we’re credited warranty installers. So where with competing companies you might receive a 5 year guarantee on a radiator, with Livewire’s Electrical Contractors, you’ll receive 10 years. This way you know that the product we’re installing is going to last a long time and not let you down when the temperature drops and you need it most.

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Stay Warm This Winter

Livewire's fit water-filled electrical heaters that are considerably more energy efficient than regular central heating models. This means that you save a lot of money of heating bills in the long run. Take advantage of our free consultation and quotation service today. Much of our electrical work in the past has resulted from recommendations from satisfied customers.

Heating Repairs

Wish you had hot water at the touch of a button? Fed up of your uncomfortably cold home? We’re here to help. Our specialists replace all kinds of immersion heater elements and thermostats so you get the warm home you deserve. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your entire water tank. Our honest approach and competitive prices won’t let you down.


One area in which we excel is old style storage heater repairs. These heaters, which have largely fallen out of favour, warm thermal bricks which then slowly release heat over the course of the day. If you live in a property around Rochdale or Middleton which makes use of them, be

sure to give us a call the next time they act up. Our team will run fast and efficient diagnostics and figure out exactly why your heater has had a drop off in performance, or has ceased to work altogether. We’ll then issue you a quote for the required repairs, which will be highly competitive.


Remember, there’s no task too small Livewire’s Electrical Contractors. Whether you need a single heater repaired or a huge property fitted out with new radiators, we’re the team for the job!

Request a free quote on electrical heating systems from the experts at Livewire's in Rochdale & Middleton Area today.

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