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Choosing an NICEIC and Part P Electrician in Middleton

Middleton is located within the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, Greater Manchester. If you have been looking for a team of local electricians, Livewires are here to help. We realise that we face plenty of competition in the area but our company has excellent credentials and vast experience in working with clients throughout Middleton.


If you’re still undecided over which electrician to choose, here are few of the things that you should be thinking about:

Electrical Competency


Ensure that any electricians you are considering have been trained and registered as competent electrical persons. The best way to determine electrical competency is to look for accreditations and qualifications. Livewires are NICEIC accredited and Part P compliant. This guarantees high standards of electrical competency for homeowners in Middleton.

Planning and Design


Planning and design should be acquired skills of any competent electrician. Most electrical installation and repair work can cause disruption but strategic planning eliminates much of the inconvenience homeowners suffer. Ask your electrician if you will still have power at the end of each day and how their presence will affect your day-to-day activities

Customer Service


Property owners in Middleton should always keep a keen eye on services levels. Electricians who turn up late to quote on a job will probably turn up late when the first day of work arrives. If you’ve asked for a quote, how quick is your electrician in getting it to you? Are you treated with courtesy at all times? Does your tradesman seem upfront and reliable?

Recommendations and Referrals


The best credentials any electrician can have are recommendations and referrals. Previous clients in Middleton who have had work undertaken in the past should be able to give you an accurate representation of quality, service and price. Don’t be afraid to ask electricians for references. Better still, ask to see testimonials from other customers.

Assurance of Good Workmanship


If an electrician doesn’t offer a guarantee of satisfaction on completed projects, there’s a possibility that their workmanship isn’t up to scratch. NICEIC electricians provide extended insurance-backed warranties, ensuring homeowners in Middleton have complete backing from a leading industry body that guarantees the workmanship of its members.

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01706 719073 | 07971 182721