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Livewires – Your NICEIC and Part P Electrician in Rochdale

Livewires cover Rochdale and the surrounding Greater Manchester area as NICEIC and Part P electricians. While many of our clients are familiar with these credentials by sight, only a few have a clear indication of what they mean. While letters always look good after a name, it’s reassuring to know exactly what they represent.


An NICEIC electrician is an industry-approved contractor carrying the trade’s most trusted mark of quality. It is indicative of the high standards of workmanship needed to be registered as a competent electrician. At Livewires, we already know that these credentials inspire trust and confidence amongst our Rochdale clients.


From our own perspective, we attained NICEIC electrician status to inspire peace of mind amongst homeowners in Rochdale who require professional electrical services. We can be just as frustrated as our clients when we see examples of shoddy workmanship undertaken by second-rate electricians who only have their own interests at hearts.


This is why Livewires gear all services towards helping property owners in a friendly, competent and professional manner at all times.

Benefits of using NICEIC Electricians

Choose an electrician with NICEIC status from the many service providers in the Rochdale area and you’ll be dealing with a contractor that not only meets all Part P compliancy requirements, but that also has the authority to undertake electrical inspections and certification work for electrical safety.


An inspection from an NICEIC electrician is guaranteed to be stringent, thorough and wholly professional. This provides a major benefit for clients in Rochdale even if the work they’ve had done has been completed by another contractor. It won’t take long for one of our own electricians to see if somebody else has done a good or a bad job!


If you make the decision to use NICEIC electricians for installation or repair work, you’ll automatically benefit from an insurance-backed warranty that guarantees the standard of workmanship you’ll receive. Even in the unlikely event that your electrician lets you down, the NICEIC will support you and, if required, provide an independent contractor to finish work to a satisfactory standard.

To find out more about the benefits a company such as Livewires can provide, phone us now on (01706) 719073. We look forward to taking your call.

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01706 719073 | 07971 182721